Jan 2006
Apple Site Update
I made an update to the apple.tamu.edu webpage, this it the web home of the Aggie MUG.
Created ELEN405 Page
I added a page for my ELEN405 group. This section of the web page is password protected because it contains people's personal information. If you would like access then please drop me a line.
Last Semester of Undergraduate
Today is the first school day of my last semester as an undergraduate. For most of my friends this will be their easiest semester. I hope this semester will be a little easer then some of the ones I have had, but I don’t plan to hold my breath.
I have been reading about my web based tech writing class. My first impression of it is I am a little overwhelmed. There seems to be at least 4 different ways that the prof can make announcements and we are expected to check all of them very regularly. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that none of them are RSS. And I haven’t figured out how to aggregate all the data into one place automatically. I am also very skeptical of the school email system (called Neo.) It does not have a good performance history (lost and very delayed messages.) I am also slightly concerned that there could be more places that the prof would use make announcements that I just haven’t stumbled across yet.
Site Updated
Major update to this page. I have given up on foxcall.no-ip.info b/c my ISP will not behave. We will see how this goes.